Vancouver Canada Cost of Living

Vancouver a colorful, eclectic metropolis is what you want, Vancouver is an extraordinary area to start your career. Vancouver is the third-largest metropolitan place in Canada, because of this you’ll have smooth access to outstanding nightlife and a numerous variety of groups inside the metropolis. For anyone simply beginning their careers, employment is comfortable to be had, contemplated in the unemployment rate of simply four. Five%. In the end, if you’re thinking about enrolling in put up-secondary schooling, Vancouver is home to 5 universities together with the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser college.

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Even though it boasts plenty of activity opportunities and an abundance of top-notch experiences and sights, Vancouver is an expensive town with a low average income, so I’d warning against transferring right here earlier than you’ve plugged the numbers into your budget to make certain you may afford to save and make your debt payments after you’re done paying hire.

Average Monthly Spend in Vancouver Canada

  • Housing: $2,096 (one bedroom apartment)
  • Phone: $75.00
  • Internet: $55.00
  • Transport: $41 (student pass) – $214 (individual fares)
  • Groceries: $220.00
  • Entertainment: $450
    (including outings, restaurants/bars, Netflix etc.)
  • Fitness: $80
  • Insurance: $25
Low Unemployment Rate 4.5%Low Annual Income ( $50,271)
Five UniversitiesHigh Rent Prices (~ $2,096/month for 1 br apt.)
230 parks and hiking trailsHigh Monthly Costs (~$3,503)
Excellent food and dining

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