20 cheapest universities in Canada for International Students

20 cheapest universities in Canada for International Students. This is the average cost of Canadian universities with reduced tuition fees for international students. As this is an average, it might not be relevant for you. Thus, please check the tuition hyperlinks I have listed below with each university to work out the specific tuition charges for your program and major.

Hopefully, this record of non tuition universities in Canada was educational.

You should apply to few”reach” schools where you employ to prestigious colleges, (wherever your odds of acceptance are slim), few”match’ schools where you’ve got a fairly good prospect of getting approved, and several”security” schools in which you’ve got an extremely large chance of getting accepted.

To enable you to choose your own”safety” schools, we have compiled a listing of10 Cheapest Colleges in Canada for International Students

By applying to a few of these universities, you increase your probability of studying in Canada radically.

20 cheapest universities in Canada for International Students

1. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta was established by two men whose names are Rutherford and Tory. These men were influential in establishing other universities in Canada. Its huge endowment of 1.2 billion dollars helps the university to operate and also lower the tuition. It has some departments that are ranked in the top 100 programs in the world.

2. University of Northern British Columbia

  • Canada Citizens: $5,318
  • International: $18,612

Our next cheapest university in Canada is the University of Northern British Columbia. With five campuses located in British Columbia, this middle-sized university is one of the most affordable for graduate students. The student body is comprised of approximately 4,000 students and there is an important offer of various programs.

Some of these are related to medical science while others are in the area of business administration. From master to doctorates, this is a great option for students wishing to continue their higher education after finishing their bachelor’s degree.

3. McMaster University

McMaster University is a renown university in many academic fields such as engineering, MBA, nursing, humanities, and arts. It is a historic university and was formed in 1887. It has a great curriculum and constantly ranks in the top 100 universities in the world. Also, compared to other universities in its level such as UPenn or Northwestern in USA, it provides cheap MBA and Master’s degrees in Canada.

4. University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa is a large public university located in Ottawa, Ontario. It provides lectures in both English and in French making it one of the largest bilingual universities in the world.

It is also the prestigious member of U15, which is a group of Canadian Universities that has been acknowledged for their research efforts. Currently, there are 35,000 undergraduates and 5,000 graduate students that are studying at this fabulous university.

5. Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University University is another famous Canadian university. This public research university is located in Nova Scotia. It provides great research programs to its students so that these students might be prepared for the future.

Also, Dalhousie University is ranked approximately 300th university globally. Compared to other universities in US or UK that are ranked around the same, it provides its undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees for cheap tuition.

6. University of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan has a high acceptance rate of approximately 70%. This high acceptance rate is good news for international students who wish to study in Canada because it is easier to be accepted to this excellent university. Also, international students can take advantage of the fact that University of Saskatchewan is a cheap Canadian university with great academics.

7. Memorial University of Newfoundland

Memorial University of Newfoundland is a relatively easier Canadian university to be admitted because of its admission rate of 66.8% admission rate. Also, this university is popular especially to international students because it is a cheap university in Canada. Its medicine, education, and geology departments are one of the best in Canada, so students interested in these fields should definitely apply.

8. University of Manitoba

  • Canada Citizens – $10,500
  • International: $22,000

University of Manitoba is known for its excellence in teaching both undergraduate and graduate students. Also, it is one of the most affordable universities in Canada for both domestic and international students.

9. University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg is a Canadian university with low tuition fees for international students and is home to approximately 10,000 students. Its focus is on undergraduate students, and it has received good rankings in undergraduate education because of its focus. Also, it offers this superb education to both domestic and international students for affordable tuition fees.

10. Université de Saint-Boniface

  • Canada Citizens: $3,563
  • International: $7,482

This institution is located in Manitoba and it’s a public university. An important caveat is that the institution requires students to have minimum proficiency in French. This is because it’s the main language spoken at the institution. English proficiency might be required as well. This is a very small university with less than 2,000 students. However, they offer programs both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

11. University of New Brunswick

University of New Brunswick is a fabulous institution in Canada. It has a strong curriculum in a variety of subjects including science, engineering, nursing, and medicine. Prospective students should take a look at University of New Brunswick and what the university has to offer.

12. Brandon University

  • Canada Citizens: $3,602
  • International: $7,203

Brandon University was established in 1889 and is one of the cheapest Canadian university with low tuition fees in arts, science, education, music, and nursing. In 2018 – 2019, there are 3,000 undergraduate students currently attend Brandon University, and you can become one too!

13. Simon Fraser University

  • Canada Citizens: $3,000
  • International: $5,300

Simon Fraser University is a huge institution located in British Columbia Canada. It has many different campuses such as the one in Vancouver other than the main campus. Although it is often shadowed by the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University is still an excellent Canadian university that has a strong curriculum.

14. Bishop’s University

  • Canada Students: $4,300
  • International: $17,000

Bishop’s University is a liberal arts university located in Sherbrooke, Canada. The cheap university in Canada was established in 1843 as a college. It is organized into five academic schools which offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs in business, education, humanities, natural sciences, life sciences, and social sciences.

It is best known for its school of business which offers degree programs in economics, entrepreneurship, international business, etc. The university has seven sports teams that represent the university at national championships. The football team of Bishop’s University is famous throughout Canada.

The notable alumni of Bishop’s University include a number of poets, writers, politicians, and army officers.

15. Vanier College

  • Canada Citizens: $3,500
  • International: $18,800

Vanier College is a public college located in Montreal, Canada. It was established in 1970 as a part of English-league Public colleges. It is a relatively small college that offers programs in twenty-five disciplines. These include both two years pre-university programs and three years of technical programs or diplomas.

Being a public college, it has a very good repute and attracts students from all over Quebec. The Vanier College has a well established athletic program and is best known for its basketball and football teams. The notable alumni of the college include famous players, actors, army officers, politicians, etc.

16. Université Laval

  • Canada Citizens: $5,500
  • International: $20,370

Université Laval (Laval university in English) is a public research university present in Quebec City, Canada. This cheap university in Canada was established in 1661 and is regarded as one of the oldest universities present in Canada. Being a French-language university, it offers most of the programs in French.

It offers degree programs in more than 350 disciplines such as agriculture, economics, music, engineering, medicine and nursing etc. The university has a total student body of more than 38,000. More than 3000 international students are currently enrolled at the university. The university’s football team is very famous for winning more championships than any other university present in Canada.

17. Algonquin College

  • Canada Citizens: Fee Calculator Based On Program
  • International: $14,000

Algonquin College is a public college for applied arts and technology present in Ottawa, Canada. This affordable university in Canada was established in 1967 as an English college. The college offers undergraduate degrees as well as diplomas and certificates in various disciplines. It offers more than 190 educational programs. The college is well known for its high research activity throughout Canada.

It has more than 19,000 on-campus students. International students also come to join Algonquin College. The college is well known for its bachelor’s degree in animation and in interior design. The notable alumni of Algonquin College include important international leaders, music artists, and interior designers.

18. College La Cité

  • Canada: $8,178
  • International: $18,000

College La Cité is a public French-language college located in Ontario, Canada. The college was established in 1990. As of now, the college is ranked number one college in Ontario. The college offers more than 90-degree programs to the students coming from all over Canada. International students with French as a second language also come to get enrolled at this college.

The college has a very high graduate employment rate as compared to other colleges present in Ontario.  It offers a number of scholarships and entrance awards to the incoming students. The volleyball team of the college is very famous for winning championships in Ontario.

19. Herzing College

  • Canada Citizens: Please Consult University for Information
  • International: $16,043

Herzing College (now called Herzing University) is a private non-profit university located in Milwaukee. It was established as a private college in 1967 and attained the status of university in 2009. This university offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field of medicine, nursing, economics, agriculture, life sciences, social sciences, etc.

The university also offers a number of diplomas, certificates and associate degree programs. The university operates around ten campuses in different states of the US.

Although a private institute, the tuition fee at the university is minimal and easily affordable. In addition, it also offers a number of scholarships to the students and because of that, it is an affordable university in Canada.

20. Dawson College

  • Canada Citizens: $3,150
  • International: $15,750

Dawson College is a public college located in Westmount, Canada. The college was established in 1969. It offers degree programs in English language. The college offers pre-university and technical programs in more than 30 fields.

These programs are offered in the morning as well as evening classes. Dawson College has a student strength of more than 11,000 students.

International students also come to study at Dawson College. The basketball team of college is well known for having 25 years of supremacy. The notable alumni of the college include a number of famous actors, authors, politicians, and judges of the country.

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