7 Best Cities to Live In Alberta, Canada

7 Best Cities to Live In Alberta, Canada

Alberta is the most populous of the three Prairie Provinces and the fourth populous in the country with an estimated population of 4.2 million. A quarter of the population lives in the city of Calgary which is the largest in the province. The province has the third-highest GDP after Ontario and Quebec and the second-highest per capita income of $74,343. The province has proven to be a preferred destination for Canadians and immigrants. The following are the 10 best cities to live in Alberta.

1. Lacombe, AB

Best Cities to Live In Alberta

The city of Lacombe is located 16 miles north of the Albertan city of Red Deer. It lies at the point where the rolling countryside of Central Alberta meets the prairies to create a picturesque environment. The city is served by an airport, road, and rail. It is home to about 14,000 people. The attractive environment is among the major reason why people migrate to. The unemployment rate is about 4.9% while the average household income is $97,800. Property tax is significantly higher at 76.6%.

2.  Canmore, AB

Best Cities to Live In Alberta

Canmore is located 50 miles west of Calgary and borders Banff National Park. The town offers an outdoor lifestyle with picturesque scenery. Canmore is a perfect place to start a family because of the available social amenities and the friendly environment. The unemployment rate in the town is 5.1% while the average income is $75,848. The cost of property in the town is rising significantly as property investors rush to meet the demand for real estate.

3. St. Albert, AB

Best Cities to Live In Alberta

The city of St. Albert is ranked one of the best places to live in all of Canada and it’s for good reason. It’s a medium-sized city, so you don’t need to deal with all the extra traffic and all of the extra people. Although, it’s not a big city, living in St. Albert you will not be far from the big city of Edmonton. Think of it as having the best of both worlds, but you only have to appreciate the other world when you want to. The 70,000+ residents of St. Albert will tell you that they are there to stay as they know they are living in one of the best cities that Canada has to offer.

Population: 70,650
Average Price of Home: $396,270
Unemployment rate: 3.78%
Crime Rate per 100,000: 5,5556.9

4. Calgary, AB

Best Cities to Live In Alberta

Calgary has already established itself as a wonderful place to live even internationally. With a population of 1.2 million residents, Calgary is the fourth largest city in Canada, a feature that attracts more people including immigrants. Calgary is economically stable considering that many notable businesses have their headquarters in the city including major oil companies. Calgary has a dynamic job market that employs the population. The average income is $132,568 while the unemployment rate stands at 8% which is slightly higher compared to the national average.

5. Camrose, AB

Best Cities to Live In Alberta

The city of Camrose is located in central Alberta amid the rich farmlands of the prairies. It developed as a small city along the railroad but has since switched to develop along Highway 13. The average income of $98,525 is above the national average while the unemployment rate at 3.9%. Camrose is a lovely environment for outdoor activities and scenic landscapes. It is often referred to as the “Rose City” because of the large number of wild roses that grow in the parklands

6. Strathcona County

Best Cities to Live In Alberta

Strathcona County is perfect for those who enjoy the fine balance of a rural and an urban territory. For this reason, the area of Strathcona County is a specialized municipality as it does a fine job of supporting the needs of those living in the rural area of the city as well as those who live in the urban portion of the city. In a city where the crime rate and the unemployment rate is low, there is no doubt that it is one of the best places to live in Alberta, and Canada as well.

Population: 106,864
Average Price of Home: $433,670
Unemployment rate: 3.69%
Crime Rate per 100,000: 3,453.7

7. Medicine Hat

Best Cities to Live In Alberta

The city of Medicine Hat is located in the southern region of Alberta and is the sixth-largest city in the province. The city is known for its natural gas fields gaining the nickname “The Gas City”. As you can probably assume, a large supporter of the economy is the natural gas fields. Medicine Hat is also host to Canada’s only interprovincial park, the Cypress Hills which is located in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Population: 81,025
Average Price of Home: $250,170
Unemployment rate: 6.57%
Crime Rate per 100,000: 6,578.3






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