Relocate to Canada As a Student – Without IELTS & Become a Permanent Resident After Your Education

Relocate to Canada As a Student

Studying abroad, especially in a country like Canada is not as difficult as I used to imagine and it is a sure pathway to permanent residence after your education.


Relocating to Canada from Nigeria and any part of the world is not rocket science. That is to say, you do not need an agent to get you there. Why? 

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Because everything you need to migrate safely without paying an outrageous amount of money and waste time is available and accessible to you.


Let no one lie to you, the best way to relocate to Canada from Nigeria or anywhere is to have the Canadian experience. Sounds naughty, right?

Yeah. You may ask. How can I have a Canadian experience when I am in Nigeria or anywhere else?

Answer – do everything possible to get the Canadian experience/relocation requirements. It’s that simple.

The step by step blueprint Michael Apata followed to successfully move to Canada as an international student, and also become a permanent resident of Canada all without an agent.

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In the Study In Canada Masterclass, you can follow his blueprint to achieve same for yourself or your children in the next few months.


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