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On this page, we’ll look at some basic information about Canada, including: the kind of people that live there, what languages are spoken, latest news, and various aspects of daily life. For example food, people, in the country.


Canada’s way of government is based on the British system, with the national government run as a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. Canada politics also resembles the United States in that the country is divided into 13 provinces and territories, all of whom have their own separate governments with unique powers.

mu1More than 18 million foreigners visit Canada every year making tourism an over $80 billion-a-year Canadian industry — bigger than oil, fishing, and farming combined. So why not visit today and be blessed.


muyi2Canada is divided into 13 self-governing units known as provinces and territories. In casual conversation, Canada is splitted into around six “regions;” large geographic zones that share various things in common, including climate, industry, demographics, landscape,and politics.


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Canadian history has wars and revolutions, but additionally plenty of politics and economics. Canada wasn’t created to be a domestic for any specific race or spiritual group, however as a substitute an assignment to create a peaceful, orderly, properly-governed society amid harsh geography and a various population.

muyi12 Canadians are mostly friendly, unpretentious people who value honesty, sensitivity, empathy and humility in their relationships with friends and strangers, as well as respect for the privacy and individualism of others. While obviously many Canadians fail at honouring these lofty principles, such values nevertheless provide the essence of “good manners” in mainstream Canadian society.


Most of Canada’s success as a wealthy, modern, industrialized country has been credited to the nation’s strong tradition of high-quality schools, which remain among the most respected in the world.



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